About Bridgette Ferrier, Painter and Graphic designer located in MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA

Design for me is another way to engage with the world around myself and connect with other people's dreams and visions.
I get energised by inspecting and understanding all the layers of a vision before conceptualising the larger picture and developing thoughtful outcomes. I strive to create something alluring yet meaningful and strategic for thoughtful brands and people. 

multiple parts painter and multidisciplinary designer based in Naarm / MELBOURNE, Australia

After spending some time working as lead graphic designer at a brand identity and web design led studio I felt it was time to fully embody my own practice. Allowing myself space to balance and grow my two passions of art and design. I am intrigued by how the external world influences my internal experiences and how this flows through into both parts of my practice.

continually exploring my inner workings and merging different parts through art, design and living

My art practice is often connected to a lived experiences or a reflection of self in the moment of creation. I form abstract atmospheric fields of colour inspired by emotions and nature, often interwoven with elements of still life imagery. The common thread in all my pieces is a dreamlike expressiveness that invokes a strong sense of space and mood. I want my paintings to be a visual meditation or act as a portal to a curious and calmer state of mind.

A LITTLE insight into me and my practice

A LITTLE insight into me, my practice

and what brings me inspiration

Here are some things that inspire my mind and practice

my inspo

I have a consistent curiosity for wonderful everyday experiences and objects. It’s sometimes the smallest things that give me joy and inspiration. For example I love combing the beach for organic objects that feel sculptural or making curated collections of little found items. Keeping a photographic log of these moments can sometimes give me the inspo spark I need.

beach combing